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Tax & Advisory Specialists

In this fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, the last thing business owners want to worry about is their tax responsibility or facing IRS alone. One of the best ways to manage tax issues is to plan for them ahead of time. Our team of professionals has more than twenty Seven years of experience in preparing Business and Individual income tax returns and provide tax support. We use our expertise of tax planning to minimize your tax burden.

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To meet the needs of our clients, Our CPA firm  was established to provide accounting, tax, and business advisor services to corporations, small businesses firms and individuals. We provide quality service for our clients by staying abreast of accounting and tax law changes and by taking a proactive interest in the smooth financial management of your business.

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Five years ago my wife and I were starting a business. a friend suggested I call her accountant. That's how I met the EKI & Company's professional staffs. They helped us get the business formed and they ave been handling our accounting, payroll and taxes ever since. I trust them  and I will recommend thier service to my friends or anyone

Mr. Sam Priston

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