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Litigation, Fraud & Forensic Support Services

With EKI & Company CPA at your side in the court of law, you are assured of receiving the financial expertise needed to support and plead your case. Law firms and insurance companies throughout the Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan Area and beyond rely on our knowledge and expertise to assist them in a wide variety of litigation matters. Whether you are seeking expert testimony or financial counsel, our goal is to be the financial resource needed to support and plead your case.


For almost 25 years, the professional staffs at EKI & Company CPA has been recognized for our superior performance and quality service in affairs of finance as they pertain to litigation, business valuation, and forensic accounting matters. Our long-standing relationships within the legal and insurance communities are testimony to our proven track record of achievement.


One such need for our services would be regarding business valuations. Business valuations are required for many reasons beyond litigation purposes including mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, estate planning and domestic matters. Our professionals staffs have the knowledge, experience and credentials to serve you and your clients’ business valuation needs. 


In addition to our exceptional credentials, the financial experts at EKI & Company CPA, offer testimony that is both clear and concise so that you may plead your case with the utmost confidence that all issues at hand will be presented in the best possible manner.




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