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Business Consulting & Money Management Services

EKI & Company CPA is a true business advisor with a wealth of business advisory experience. To help keep small business running smoothly, many of our clients come to us when they need a professional CPA firm to help develop cash flow strategies, provide outsourced accounting, and assist with payroll preparation and more. We truly understand your needs and are able to offer a wide variety of money management services for small businesses and medium size businesses.


We view every client relationship like a partnership and believe that our success is gauged by your success. We provide consulting services that cater to your needs at each stage of your business's life cycle - starting from its inception and reaching up to its expansion and maturity. You can use our wide range of services listed below that appropriately suits your needs.


   A.   Business loan assistance                     B.   Budgets and financial projections

   C.   Business plan development                 D.   IRS problem resolution and representation

   E.   Debt restructuring                              F.   Find funding for expanding your Business

   G.   Cash flow analysis                              H.  Automated bill payment

   I.    Business analysis                               J.  Business plan review

   K.   Financing assistance                           L.  Outsourced accounting

   M.  Performance measurement systems      N.  Small business loan preparation




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