Human Resources Consulting Services


The Noble Management Group (NMG) provides a full spectrum of human resources consultation and services. As an outsourcing partner, NMG works with your organization to fulfil its recruitment, procedural and evaluation goals. Clients rely on our professional outsourcing services during periods of transition and growth to assist in:

    A.   Recruitment of executive level management positions including Chief Executive 

          Officer, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, high level management

          staffs and other organization critical and essential  positions.

    B.   Development of entire departments such as accounting and human resources from 

          start-up to growing and sustainable companies including departments.

    C.   Expansion of existing staff to meet organizations growth needs.

In today’s current job market, it can be difficult and time consuming to find the right individual who will bring experience and expertise to your organization. Equally as important, establishing policies and procedures within an organization requires diligence and a specialized skill set. Our Human Resources Division has worked with clients in a variety of industries to recruit highly qualified individuals, as well as establish the infrastructure required to manage human resource functions. Services offered include:


     1.   Establishing an internal Human Resources Department for in-house transition

     2.   Review and revision of personnel policies and procedures

     3.   Creation and revision of employee manuals

     4.   Tracking systems for employee vacation and sick time

     5.   Employee job descriptions

     6.   Salary surveys

     7.   Recruitment for candidates

     8.   Background investigations and referral checks

   10.   Placement recommendations

   11.   Employee evaluation processes