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Mergers & Acquisition Services

Are you acquiring, merging, or selling a business or business segment? Our team of professionals can advise how to best conduct these types of transactions. We provide comprehensive due diligence to uncover potential business risks and exposure of a transaction, and, when discovered, can assist in the mitigation of these factors.  From negotiating and maximizing the price when selling to determining the pros and cons of an asset vs. stock purchase when buying, we can help!


In Mergers and Acquisitions, Our specialized list of services includes experience with the following types of transactions:


       1.    Due diligence

       2.    Financing options

       3.    Identification of hidden costs and “deal breakers”

       4.    Pro-forma financial statements

       5.    Quality of earnings and cash flows

       6.    Reasonableness of projections

       7.    Reliability of data

       8.    Risk assessment

       9.    Sensitivities surrounding the value drivers

      10.   Tax optimization

      11.    Business Valuation





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